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 Food culture - why permaculture/losing culture

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Localisation : Verdun, métro LaSalle
Date d'inscription : 29/04/2005

Food culture - why permaculture/losing culture Empty
MessageSujet: Food culture - why permaculture/losing culture   Food culture - why permaculture/losing culture EmptyMer 31 Aoû à 23:47

Welcome to this community research space, a forum intended for sharing resources and experience on how to move toward eating local, healthy and affordable food.

It is part of the Local food project - an initiative supported by Jeunes Volontaires and associated with the Santropol Roulant.

Its name, in french "jepermaculture" means both "I practice permaculture" and "I'm losing my culture", a simple play on words that refers to three core questions linked with food security:
1) Can we sense a loss in our present "culture"? For instance, in the previous generation's ways of adressing food concerns, is there anything we might want to learn from or rediscover, perhaps gardening, eating seasonally, transforming, canning our own food, etc.?

2) Aren't there habits or ideas from our "culture" we might wish to take distance from: that which drives us sick, exhausted, which pollutes, steals our time, cuts us from others and from the Earth? How have we gotten to such a point? How could we change our ways? In our food system, what are our options and what issues are at stake?

3) What about "permaculture"?
"Permaculture philosophy is one of working with, rather than against nature ..."
-Bill Mollison 1990
A word combining "permanent" and "culture", and that refers to an approach about how to apply ecological principles in our housing and land design, in gardening, in our cities and countrysides, by decreasing energy use and observation of natural interrelations.
Canadian permaculture (Guelph-OPIRG website)
Permaculture online free course

our french reference

So our culture is where we begin. Food security for all community, our goal. Permaculture, a vision, something to look towards... with many practical applications.
Discussion on urban permaculture is welcome on this message comment posting (click:"répondre")

* Translation help is needed. please write a note to
if you have some time to share * Most of the messages are in French and will be translated as soon as we find some time and/or volunteers. You can always write in English. It will also be translated eventually. To help out, write me a note.*

Michael Brophy
living in Verdun (a south-west neighbourhood in Montreal)
September 1, 2005
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Food culture - why permaculture/losing culture
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